From Angers to Cheverny, on the Loire’s right bank and on its left – this is where we, the Dumnacus tribe, cultivate our vineyards. Dumnacus Vignerons wines are all about showcasing the distinctive characteristics of each terroir and the personal skill and expertise of each winegrower, to safeguard and celebrate the true individuality of our river, the river Loire!

A river whose tributaries and significant water network, combined with a climate that ranges from temperate oceanic to continental, have a moderating effect on the vines.

Our wines are characterised by their freshness. Armed with our expert knowledge of the terroir, and our ability to continually adapt to the variations in climate, we go to great lengths to obtain a perfect balance between the levels of sugar and acidity in the grapes. The tools that help us bring out the distinctive characteristics of Dumnacus Vignerons wine are the care with which we cultivate our vines, orchestrate the harvest and process the grapes in our cellars.

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