In Gaulish civilisation, arts and crafts were highly developed, rich and refined. Celtic knots, symbols and motifs are all part of our heritage, and they have inspired the Dumnacus Vignerons universe.

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100% Chenin. An intense, complex and full wine to accompany river fishes.

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100% Chenin, the characteristic grape variety of Loire, it is a fine and mineral wine.

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Quart de Chaume Grand Cru

Complexity and opulence, a rare wine for special occasions.

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Coteaux du Layon

Sweet wine 100% from Chenin. fullness and balance for this typical Loire wine.

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Rosé de Loire

An audacious fresh and aromatic wine.

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Cabernet d'Anjou

The excellence of the sweet wine for friendliness moments.

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Rosé d'Anjou

A rosé wine perfect for a dinner on a terrace with various combinations like exotic or grilled meals.

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Anjou Brissac

An appaletion that goes over the town of Brissac. A complex wine silky tannins thanks to a long ageing.

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Coteaux de l'Aubance

A defined territory around the Aubance river, with sunny and wel exposed hillsides. A smooth mineral wine.

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Crémant Rosé

A delicate sparkling wine with an elegant colour to celebrate all occasions.

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Saumur Champigny

The excellence of red Loire Wines. Easy and light wine, the Saumur-Champigny pairs as well with red meats as with various cheese.

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A typical fine sparkling wine from Loire thanks to the part of the grape variety chenin in its blending.

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Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil

A round, light and supple Loire wine. It is a quasi-confidential appelation, whose territory is around the town Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil.

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An intense and universal wine to accompany a meal from aperitif to dessert.

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Crémant de Loire Blanc

A delicate sparkling wine, an elegant wine preserved through a hand harvest and the bottle ageing of more than 12 months.

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Touraine Chenonceaux

A wine whose territory is around the famous castlle Chenonceaux. Wines with a stark identity, a strong and aromatic tasting.

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These wines come from a territory that goes from Anjou to Sologne. An aromatic and delicate tasting.

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these wines come from the region Loir et Cher. They offers a fine and perfumed tasting.

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We give each of the appellations referring to Dumnacus Vignerons wines a specific symbol, that echoes the images featuring in the art of the Gauls.

These symbols are a kind of language, punctuating our range of wines and leading you through the Loire valley and the world of Dumnacus Vignerons wines.

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